Wood Variations

Wood is one of the few renewable natural resources. It is an important product utilized in our day-to-day life and the economy. There are Different Wood Types:
There are a number of types of wood flooring that homeowners can choose for their home’s floors, each of which has different relative advantages and disadvantages. Read on to learn more about the wood flooring types and the factors to consider when you’re choosing which kind you want to use.


grows from Vermont to the great plains & south through Lousian and Texas, its color varies from white to dark brown, and its large burls. Famously hardy, walnut was used to make airplane propellers in World War I. It grows in Europe, America and Asia. There are many different varieties.

Properties: Walnut is strong, hard and durable, without being excessively heavy. It has excellent woodworking qualities, and takes finishes well. The wood is light to dark chocolate brown in color with a straight grain in the trunk. Wavy grain is present toward the roots, and walnut stumps are often dug out and used as a source of highly figured veneer. Large burls are common. Walnut solids and veneers show a wide range of figures, including strips, burls, mottles, crotches, curls and butts. European walnut is lighter in color and slightly finer in texture than American black walnut, but otherwise comparable.


  • durable, long lasting wood
  • attractive wood grain
  • highly resistant to wear and tear
  • stains and polishes well



most oak comes from the eastern and central U.S. the color ranges from light brown to pink_red with a swirling or striped grain.

There are more than 600 species of oak growing in the Northern hemisphere; the most common species are sourced in Europe, North America and Japan. All oak species are strong, hard, heavy and dense with very close grain and, due to their high tannin content, they are very resistant to insect and fungal infestations.

Oak is commonly used for furniture, joinery, flooring, panelling, decking and veneers. The current Oval Office desk is made of oak and was a gift from Qeen Victoria.


  • durable, long-lasting wood
  • attractive wood grain
  • less likely to warp when exposed to sunlight
  • good water resistant properties
  • highly resistant to wear and tear
  • stains and polishes well ideal for liming



Beech is an important and widely-used hardwood in Europe. Its hardness, wear-resistance, strength, and excellent bending capabilities—coupled with its low price—make this hardwood a mainstay for many European woodworkers. Depending on soil conditions, European Beech can grow to very large sizes, and wide, long lumber is commonly available for use.

Beech has a very pale to reddish brown to hue with a moderate grain pattern throughout. The grain is mostly closed and is straight, fine and uniform in appearance, making it more uniform throughout compared to other woods. Although beech is 1% harder than red oak it is 17% less stable as well.


  • The elasticity properties are good
  • durable and very firm
  • The environmental balance is good as native wood