Omid Haeri was born in Sacramento, United States to Iranian parents. His family returned to Iran when he was 10 years of age. He completed his formative school years in Tehran and followed his studies further, graduating with a degree in industrial engineering.

He started to work as an apprentice in Pole Chubi, a traditional area in downtown Tehran which at the time was the centre of all things related to the wood trade in the city. He worked his way up and became a highly respected specialist within a few years.

Being frustrated by the quality of solutions on the market, he decided to set up a new company through which he could deliver the highest standards in wooden flooring. The brand of Omid Haeri was then born.

Through his company, Omid Haeri started importing flooring products of highest quality from European manufacturers and at the same time, he started to manufacture flooring products locally. Throughout the years, Omid Haeri has been obsessed with the quality of products and services and he is keen on providing personal consultation to every project that the company takes on – something that he has been doing uninterruptedly to this date. He is also passionate about education and actively participates in education and training of the stakeholders in the industry with much care and compassion. Today, his name is synonymous with the highest standard in wooden flooring in Iran.