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We are authentic. We use the finest material and provide our services with integrity. We are gentile. We care with compassion and we are eager to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are knowledgeable. We strive to master our craft, understand our customers’ wants and advise them with deep know-how.

The Latest from our journal

Hampton Court Palace hosts display of costumes from Oscar-nominated The Favourite
Hampton Court Palace is displaying the lavish period costumes from the multi Oscar-nominated film The Favourite in the very rooms not only some of the scenes were filmed in but that Queen Anne herself resided. Visitors will be able to get up close to the costumes worn in the film by Olivia Coleman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz and will learn about how the dresses were created by three-time Oscar winning costume designer Sandy Powell, and the historic context behind them.

Recent Project

The Engineer
Engineered parquet is used for this project. The type is beech with a custom-made finishing. 50 cm x 10 cm is what we opted for this project. For the living room worked with herringbone while the master bedroom as well as the study is plank. One interesting note in this project is that the direction of the pattern chase as you approach the bedrooms from the living room so the transition looks very natural and pleasing to the eye.

We have been striving to create valuable solutions in the field of wooden flooring for the past 15 years. Today, Omid Haeri is synonymous with quality craftsmanship in design and installation of flooring at top residential and commercial projects. What sets us apart, on one hand, are the products of truly special quality – on par with internationally recognised products, and on the other, a kind of knowledge and after sale service unique to our local market.

Our Collections

Our collections are the results of years of dedication to designing and manufacturing the finest flooring solutions. They feature various techniques stemmed from our experience in creating parquets that convey strong emotions while being completely functional. It could be said that they are a result of a marriage between the aesthetic and the pragmatic.


Omid Haeri manufactures products from renewable wood from the forests that replace the use of fossil raw materials. We manage and grow our forests sustainably and by caring of the nature values. We use raw materials, water and energy resource-wisely and produce renewable energy from our production side streams. This is sustainable and resource efficient bioeconomy, where Omid Haeri is a forerunner.

Many companies and suppliers we work with now have carbon neutral products, and many do not require adhesives. Recycling options are continually evolving. If you have any questions, we could help you choose products that reflect your vision of a more ecologically friendly world.


Care for Your Parquet

Wood is a natural product – irregularities in the way it has grown, its colour and its texture are signs of its authenticity. Knots, sapwood, cracks and medullary rays, which are a consequence of grading, emphasise the flooring’s natural characteristics. 

Our products are innovative real wooden floors featuring techniques to strengthen their surface. This makes the flooring exceptionally resistant. However, care is essential in maintaining our products so they look their best as they age. Our guide here makes cleaning and caring for parquet incredibly straightforward.

To ensure you can enjoy your parquet flooring for years to come, you should clean it regularly. But cleaning alone isn’t enough; caring for your flooring is essential, regardless of whether you have opted for parquet with an oiled or lacquered finish. Oiled parquet flooring should be re-oiled at regular intervals, and lacquered parquet has its own specialist care products to keep it looking its best. 


Customised Projects by Omid Haeri

We know that each of our customers are unique. That’s why we go a long way to understand the needs of each project specifically. This approach also applies to our contract sales where our expert sales team under the direct supervision of our founder provide specialist advice to our commercial clients based on a thorough analysis of the project and strict time and budget planning.

We use our own installers. Our floor layers are certified and are among the most qualified commercial installers in the country. Omid Haeri has a solid reputation in the commercial flooring sector. Our company is known for providing our clients with top-quality installations. We offer an honest and straightforward consultation with every undertaking.

Throughout the years, we have built a portfolio of small to large projects commissioned by the most reputable property developers and construction companies. You could be in touch with our contract sales team to find out more about how we could help in creating exceptional value for your project.


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