Wiki World Forest Cabins

Wiki World + Advanced Architecture Lab[AaL] build and design this project in China. Text description provided by the architects. Located in Caidian District, Wuhan city, we designed and built a group of wooden houses in the woods, using light wood prefabricated construction, the houses are small, even a little lonely, exploring the possibility of natural living.
Wiki World continues the natural construction concept, we retain every tree on the site, keep the path and texture of the original woodland and farmland, all the cabins are self-developed prefabricated wooden structures, built together by the team and the user.

Wiki World-Build Small, Dream Big. Wiki World has been committed to returning to natural life through natural construction. The forest cabin continues such a natural wild house experiment, jumping out of the inertia of the size of the thinking, focusing on the relationship between living behavior and environment, the answer of space must be far from the daily living experience, even a little paranoid. “Small” brings us closer to the material, so we are more sensitive. Now that we are in the forest, let’s go barefoot for a day and listen to the sound of dead leaves being crushed on the terrace.

Inspired by toys. We talked with many families about the possibility of returning to nature, and we got a lot of ideas. People used different ways to describe scenes and living scenes. Children said that a house was just a toy lost in the forest, and the toy became a house, and the family lived in it. This was the beginning of good design, so we named the wooden house “Building block”, “Rubik’s Cube” and “Bamboo Dragonfly”.

The Cube block and Magic Cube is a house made of several wooden blocks. The modules function as the entrance, living room, attic, and rest space. The volume unclothes the privacy of its own yard. The largest space of the wooden house is the living room and the attic. The floor-to-ceiling windows bring the environment into it, which is the best place to have a rest.

The Flying Cube is a house that sleeps in the sky, a small wooden box that is hoisted 5 meters in the air and reached by a long staircase. The ground floor is a perfect place for a fire and a party, sheltered by the house, wrapped in woods, leaving the ground is probably the nature of the children, but also a possibility of living.

We try to create a precise relationship between the cabins and the environment in the forest. Each wooden cabin is elevated above the ground, and no walls or artificial landscapes are used. Nature is the best package.