The benefits of wood

Wood is a fantastic material. It is strong, versatile, light and the only construction material that is 100% renewable.
An additional advantage of choosing wood is that the whole chain from manufacture to transport is much more energy-efficient and cost-effective, as wood weighs less than concrete and steel.  

Why use wood?

Building with wood offers lots of advantages. Wood is the only construction material that is totally renewable, organic and climate-smart. Growing trees bind carbon dioxide, which is then stored in the wood products we produce. This means that using wood in construction is much better for the climate than using concrete and steel, as manufacturing those two materials consumes large amounts of energy and leads to high emissions of fossil carbon dioxide.


Seven advantages of wood construction:


Building with wood is better for the climate

Several independent scientific studies have shown that using wood in construction offers major climate benefits compared with other construction materials. A study by Linköping University shows that an apartment block made from wood produces 40 per cent lower emissions than one made from concrete.


Long-term sustainable construction

Wood is a renewable raw material, unlike fossil materials that are based on finite resources such as oil. With the help of sun, carbon dioxide and water, trees can produce wood for ever. At least two new trees are planted for every tree harvested in Sweden.


Trees bind carbon dioxide

Growing trees bind carbon dioxide. The faster the trees grow, the more carbon dioxide they absorb. When the trees are harvested and turned into wood products, they carry on binding carbon dioxide. And a wooden building that is demolished can be incinerated in a heating plant to provide heat for new homes.


High strength in relation to weight

Wood is a fantastic building material, as it is light and has a high load-bearing capacity. Its low weight means that transporting it is much more energy efficient.


Shorter construction times

Most wooden buildings are prefabricated in factories and assembled on site. This means construction times can be hugely reduced, resulting in a cost saving for the whole project. Wooden buildings are cheaper to build!


Building with wood is less noisy

Wooden structures don’t generate noise during assembly on a building site. For these reasons, more construction companies are choosing wood for new buildings, temporary buildings or for building higher floors on top of existing city buildings.


Wooden buildings are healthy

Research shows that spending time in wooden buildings makes us feel good. It is thought that the reasons for the positive effects include the fact that we see the material as being natural, and the way it affects indoor air quality, moisture balance, comfort and acoustics.




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