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Avli is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant with a calm and relaxed atmosphere. We decided to use a kind of customised parquet suitable for places with high traffic in commercial settings. We chose an oak parquet for its high-density, hardwearing quality.

The interior was designed by Negar Kamyab and working closely with her team we came up with a very special shade that has the lightness of Mediterranean vibe to it, while it is also easily maintainable.

The parquet we used was customised in a very attractive size (15 cm x 60 cm) and we worked it out in a solid form. A challenge that we faced in this project was the timing. Due to strict deadlines prior to the designated opening date of the restaurant we had no choice but to install the parquets in raw format and then do the finishing of surfaces on-site. Despite this, we delivered a finishing that is eye-catching and a perfect compliment to the rest of the interior.All in all, this project stands out mainly due to the very high quality use of material and a clean and sophisticated finishing.