Create Good Vibes In Your Home

Virtually everything has an energetic quality. This is somewhat of an abstract concept, so when you’re feeling stuck or challenged in life, the idea of “changing your energy" can seem impossible and out of reach. The concept of chi, or life force, can make your understanding of energy became much more concrete.
Chi is essentially energy, but it’s experienced through the senses. Color, form, sound, touch, temperature, and scent all are felt as chi. By making the space around you look and feel more like the you at your best, you’ll add harmony, beauty, order, and clarity to your surroundings. Here are nine ways to direct some chi into your space and help keep positive vibes flowing.

Clear the air

Open your windows and let the circulation flow. If you live in a polluted area, grab an air purifier or plug in a glowing Himalayan salt lamp to get the air around you buzzing with happiness.


Deep clean

Chances are, if you’re feeling heavy or stuck, it shows in the nooks and crannies of your home. Where there’s dirt and dust, there’s stagnation. Stagnation is what happens when energy flow gets blocked. For example, acupuncture eliminates stagnation within your body, restoring optimal flow and balance. Cleaning does the same for your home.


Add color

Every color brings a different energy to a space. Yellows usually add radiance, greens spur growth and flexibility, reds welcome prosperity, and oranges bring warmth and cheer. While there are so many meanings to color, the best color therapists I’ve met have all said the same thing: start with your favorite colors and keep them on display.


Banish bad memories

Photos associated with painful times, outfits from parts of your life you don’t want to dwell on, furniture that you have no use for, and anything else no longer serving you can be donated. By now we’re all familiar with the idea of ditching things that don’t spark joy, thanks to Marie Kondo. This philosophy can help you pare down your belongings to solely the things you absolutely love.


Put up some art

If a piece of art moves your spirit, it should go on a wall. Any wall! Feng shui is all about feeling connected to your space, so anything visual that resonates with you is a perfect addition.


Pamper your pets

When your animal family is happy, your home springs to life. Long walks in nature, new toys, fresh-baked treats—all of these make a pet’s life extra-radiant!


Add soft materials

The modern world has enough hard edges. Studies show that touching soft objects increases our sense of comfort and security. Don’t be afraid to add a blanket here and there, or soft pillows and shag carpeting underfoot—it’ll refresh your home and add more bliss to your routine.


Turn on music

So simple, yet very few people I know play music in the background of their home during a typical day. Music has healing and therapeutic qualities and can increase dopamine, reduce anxiety, and so much more.


Get creative

And last but not least, create something! An art practice will help you to heal, balance, and spur change in your life. It doesn’t have to be a serious or significant hobby; doodling, finger-painting, or getting into your favorite childhood crafts totally counts.

As you work to elevate your space, take notice of the changes that result in the most palpable shift. As you learn what an ideal space looks like for you, you’ll be able to create a high-vibe home that supports the best version of you.



References:,  written by Dana Claudat

Images via Pinterest